90-Day Challenge Winner: Kim Green lost over 13 kilos†

What was life like before NeoLife?
I was in the process of recovering from a severe health crisis. I had very little energy, it was difficult to think and process things clearly, and I had skin irritation.

What was your motivation for joining the Challenge?
It was time to get serious about losing weight and consistently exercise rather than watching the scale continue to go up and exercise inconsistently!

What was your 90-Day goal?
My goal was to prepare for and run a 5K each month preparing me for a half marathon, stick to healthier food choices and eat less.

Which Health Pack did you use? And how did it fuel your success?
I used the Breakfast Pack most days and on other days I used the Weight Loss Pack. NeoLifeShake keeps me full and is a great start to my day! I knew if I was going to work hard and make better choices with food I needed to keep up the momentum by exercising at least 5 days a week. And, if I was going to work hard by exercising, I didn’t want to mess it up by eating off of my healthy plan!

Additional products that you’re taking:
I also take Aloe Vera Plus and Tré. I also take extra Salmon Oil Plus and Full Motion as needed. I take various others from time to time but I don’t go a day without Pro Vitality.

How has the Challenge positively impacted your life?
I have less soreness in my lower back as a result of losing belly fat, my skin is clearer, I have a lot more energy to walk and run further distances and I continue to feel and think better! It was amazing to see myself drop three sizes in pants; starting at a size 16 down to a 12 and go from a size XL tops down to Large.

What is your goal for the 1-Year Challenge?
For the 1-Year Challenge, my goal is to lose 18 more kilos, run at least one 5K a month through the Autumn and Winter, with a goal of getting down to a km in 7-minutes by consistently working out with an accountability partner. I plan to replace two meals a day with NeoLifeShake using the Weight Loss Pack (upgrading from the Breakfast Pack). I also want to get back down to a size 8 petite and Medium size tops.

What is one tip you would give to someone new to NeoLife?
NeoLife can be life-changing and whether you go quickly or slowly, the health changes will likely be more than you ever thought were possible! My tip would be to get things going quickly and learn along the way! You’ll never know everything, you don’t need to nor does anyone expect you to! NeoLife and your upline will give you everything you need to grow personally as well as physically. It changed my life 24 years ago!

† Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 2.39 kgs. over a 12 week period.
* Always read the label. Use only as directed. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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