Meet This Quarter’s 90-Day Challenge Winners

NeoLife selects four NeoLifers based on the most inspiring transformations plus one randomly selected NeoLifer who complete their 90-Day Challenge to win each quarter. Each winner receives a $2k prize package including cash and gear! Check out their inspiring stories below.

Dom Spagnolo

Dom Spagnolo

Lost over 18 kgs using Breakfast Pack

“At this point I feel that there is no stopping the happiness that I have been given and the passion of fire that was lit in my inner soul and heart. I have new energy and feel great every day and this has been going on for months and I still have the same drive. I’ve been able to do kickboxing now and it feels great to do hard work for great results.”*

Nicole Hammond

Lost over 18 kgs using Breakfast Pack

“I recently was able to put my wedding ring on for the first time in about 6 years and am able to wear clothes I haven’t worn since I met my husband! I used to yell upstairs for my kids because I didn’t want to run up to talk and now I find I have no trouble running to them! I want to take them to the park and outside now because I don’t get tired and I’m not always hot. I have had bad pain in my feet for the past couple of years and had shoe supports made for me. The past month I noticed I’ve had no pain and have no need for the supports! I have more confidence in my marriage and life and am excited to keep going on this.”*

Nicole Hammond
Lyle DeVore

Lyle DeVore

Lost 23 kgs using Weight Loss Pack

Before NeoLife I was irritable, had mood swings and focused on the negative. I didn’t feel good – I had no energy, and I didn’t exercise. Just one month on NeoLife, taking one NeoLifeShake, Pro Vitality and NeoLifeTea stick a day, I lost 9 kgs, my energy was starting to return, I felt better and I switched to an organic diet. Two months in I started the NeoLife Weight Loss Program using the Weight Loss Pack. Today, I’m feeling great! My overall health has improved, I’m happy and focus on the positive. I’m going to the gym and I’ve gone from wearing a 3X to an XL. My future is bright as a NeoLifer. My goal is to work NeoLife full time, fall in love, get married and have a NeoWifer.*

Susan Push

Lost 17 kgs using Weight Loss Pack

“As of my birthday, May 18th my cholesterol and trigylcerides are down, which I consider a great birthday present to myself. All the issues I dealt with before NeoLife; my weight and lack of energy, all have greatly improved. I can get my yard/gardening done without being fatigued to the point I would have to stop and rest for a bit before continuing.”*

Susan Push
Cris Cameron

Cris Cameron

Ran a Full Marathon in under 4 hrs 40 mins
using Breakfast Pack

“My weight goal was ultimately to be able to donate blood. I have wanted to do so for many years, but never could do it because I weighed under the minimum weight to donate blood for the American Red Cross which is 50 kilos. In mid-January I started training to run my first full marathon. I drank NeoLifeShake and took my supplements every day. To gain weight, I worked very hard to eat plenty of healthy food and to build more muscle mass. By the beginning of May, I gained 4 kgs so finally I was able to donate blood for the first time in my life! Along with gaining weight, increasing my lean muscle, and strengthening my core, I even cut my body fat (pouch) 4-5% (even though I am low fat). I noticed the shape of my body in gaining core, arm and shoulder muscle. My waist and hip measurements went down as well.

Completing my first full marathon has been a tremendously amazing process and transformation of my health. My job cleaning houses 16 hours each week is tough work. Also, I am a wife and a mother to our two children, still I was able to train for a full marathon and made time in the gym to train for fitness. I couldn’t have done it without the Breakfast Pack, Cal-Mag, Full Motion and CoQ10.”*

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* Always read the label. Use only as directed.
†Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 2.39 kgs over a 12 week period.