Stay Sharp!

Support brain health with the right foods and supplements

By Dr. Liz Applegate
SAB Member

Quick thinking and keen memory are both key attributes for job success as well as a streamlined life. Researchers now know that keeping your brain in tip-top shape takes eating the right foods. Your brain functions its best in your 20s and then begins a gradual decline in memory and cognitive skills such as problem solving with measurable losses by your 40s and 50s. There is greater decline of cognitive function in your 70s and 80s. And just as with heart health, decline of brain health and function can be accelerated by poor diet.Continue reading

3 Common Nutrient Shortfalls to Look Out For

3 Common Nutrient Shortfalls to Look Out For

By Christina Siu,
Technical Marketing Manager

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone on which good health is built. Nutrients in the diet provide fuel for your body, allowing it to properly function and maintain itself. There are different types of essential nutrients that can be grouped into two main categories: macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and lipids) which are needed in larger quantities, and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that are required in smaller amounts.
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NeoLife’s Golden Home Care: Leading the Way in Clean Ingredient Selection

By Mark Lowman,
Scientific Advisory Board member

A wise frog once lamented that it is not easy being green. Taken in the context of home care products, he could be right if being green is not part of a company’s philosophy – the way the company conducts itself with careful consideration for the environment and for the people using the product.

That is exactly how NeoLife is with its Golden Home Care line of cleaning products. It is part of our company’s culture and philosophy to be mindful of the potential impact on the environment that cleaning products can have both inside and outside the home. You could say that NeoLife was green long before the term became a buzzword. In fact, NeoLife cared about the environment before it became cool, so for us it really is not too hard to be green.
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Beyond Willpower: How Your Microbiome Can Impact Your Eating Habits

Microbiome NeoLife Acidophilus Plus

There’s been a lot of talk about the gut microbiome in recent years. If you aren’t yet aware of its critical function and importance, here’s what you need to know.

Our diets feed more than just our body’s cells. We’re also feeding a variety of microorganisms that reside inside our digestive tracts, collectively known as the gut microbiome. Research shows strong associations between specific nutrients from our diets and the appearance of certain microbes in our gut.2 This is key to understanding how our diet impacts our health.Continue reading

DSN Feature | NeoLife: Designed for Impact

We are proud to share this NeoLife feature in DSN magazine.

Check out the three-page spread spotlighting our girl boss CEO, Kendra Brassfield (just in time for International Women’s Day on March 8th). And the title says it all; Designed for Impact. That’s exactly what Kendra drives home in this special article. You’ll discover the secret behind our secret sauce (hint: it has to do with our transformative community) and the company’s vision for the future which includes technology that the direct selling space has NEVER seen before!

Source: DSN

The key to my success is intentionally living a compounding life.

For years people have been asking me the question “what’s the key to your success?”, and for just as many years I’ve been trying to come up with a simple answer. I think I’ve finally got it. My success is the result of intentionally living a compounding life.

We often hear the term “compounding” used in finance referring to compounded returns on an investment or compound interest rates. It might be the single most important concept to understand in order to build wealth. Albert Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it”. But compounding is so much more than that! Yes, we all want our money to compound, but there is also so much power in realising that we can intentionally live a compounding life.

Compounding is an incredible miracle of human existence. Everything we learn is additive because we learn every day, in every experience, in every failure, in life, in finances, in health, in faith and in business.

To put this in perspective… if we get 1% better every day, we will be almost 40 times better after just one year!

If we save more than we spend, our savings will grow. If we focus on growing our faith, it will grow. If we exercise regularly, we will be more and more fit every day. If we choose to eat healthy most of the time, we will be more and more healthy. But if we choose fast food every day, the opposite will be true. For better or for worse, we are constantly compounding.

To grow a NeoLife business, we know the most important thing we can do is to introduce new people to our products and business. If we commit to doing it every day for a year and getting 1% better each time, we could end up 40 times better at introducing new people to NeoLife. At the same time, the grass is only greener where we water it. So if we only share the products but not the business or vice versa, we are only going to have that compounding growth in one area and may even have a decline in the other.

Of course, we will all make mistakes along the way, but that is a good thing in my book. Making mistakes means you are testing the limits of where you think you should be going. I try to make as many small mistakes as I can but avoid the large ones.

In the stock market, the biggest mistake average investors make is selling at the wrong time. If you invest for the right reasons, keep at it and don’t sell. The same applies to your NeoLife business. Just like everything in life, it will have ups and downs but the key is to keep going and don’t give up before you reach your goals. Every experience, every failure, every success, is a learning opportunity that compounds on top of what you already know and, if we keep going and keep persevering, the rewards will follow. The biggest mistake would be to give up and throw it all away.

God Bless,
Jerry Brassfield