Mumpreneur Spotlight: Josephine Marangu

With more and more women running successful businesses, the rise of the mumpreneur is real!

According to the ASBFEO, data shows a steady upwards trend in the proportion of female business owners/managers over the last 20 years, with women now representing 35.4% of business owner/managers.1 Today, women make up around 76% of network marketers worldwide.2

What makes mums such great entrepreneurs? Our guess is it has to do something with years of practising patience, persistence, multi-tasking and knowing how to make the most of every spare minute! This successful mumpreneur gets real about how NeoLife makes it possible:

1. How does NeoLife make it possible to succeed as an entrepreneur and a mum?
With my NeoLife business I am able to succeed as a mother and grandmother. I have the time freedom to take care of family and have flexibility to grow my business.

2. How has NeoLife positively impacted your life?
NeoLife has made a huge positive impact in my life physically through nutrition and financially I have security.

3. What has helped you get where you are as a NeoLife Mumpreneur and what advice would you have for others who want to set off in a similar path?
Follow the three daily success habits and make it your goal to help others achieve their goal.

4. What is your secret to productivity?
My secret is to wake up every day with a plan to do the things that are important to me by writing them down in my agenda for the day. This way I am able to prioritise the things I need to do first.

5. What do you see for the future?
I see myself and my team travelling together to Leadership School to supercharge our business and going to Convention in Palm Springs to celebrate our team success and finally taking a holiday with my team to the Grand Cayman Island. I am also excited and looking forward to have my dream retirement home, debt free and have liberty to enjoy time with family.

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