Athlete Spotlight: Lisa Blackburn


Lisa Blackburn, professional swimmer and NeoLife sponsored athlete shares how superior quality nutrition fuels her performance; giving her the ability to compete at the highest level – which in turn has lit her desire to become an Entrepreneur.

Do you drink the NeoLife protein pre or post workout?
I drink NeoLife protein both before and after training for focus and recovery. When I have a shake immediately before a swim training session I notice I am able to focus on the task at hand and have a really great workout. I never feel like I am crashing during a workout or fading at the end of a 2-hour session. After training, I have another shake specifically because I don’t feel like preparing a large meal right after training. The nutrition from the shakes are key to post training, and I just love the convenience factor and the taste of a shake as well.

lisa_blackburn2Sounds like you’re drinking a lot of NeoLife smoothies…What’s your go to recipe?
My go to smoothie is 2 scoops of NeoLifeShake Rich Chocolate mixed with 240 mL of almond milk and ice. Sometimes, I’ll even throw in half a banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter. If I have some heavy cream in the fridge I’ll throw in about a quarter cup for a really thick, extra yummy shake. This helps me feel more full and satisfied since I’m training so often.

As an elite athlete, consuming enough protein on a daily basis is crucial. Can you tell us how you feel if you’re not getting enough?
I have at least one NeoLife protein shake per day to ensure I can train at my peak. If I don’t have at least one shake a day, I notice I’m more sluggish and don’t recover as well. My next day of training is then somewhat compromised because I haven’t taken care of fuelling my body with the right nutrition.

What are your go to NeoLife Nutritionals?
Pro Vitality, NeoLifeShake, Full Motion and Neo-C Chewable.

If you could share just one thing about NeoLife Nutritionals with someone new, what would it be?
I would want them to know that the products truly work and have the power to change your life. You don’t have to be an athlete to experience the benefits!

After the North American Convention, you committed to building your own NeoLife business – what inspired you?
I love the products and I know they work. The business side has been challenging for me due to lack of time because of my training schedule but I do my best every day to encourage people to be their best and share the products with them. It was so amazing to hear all of the NeoLifers personal success stories at the North American Convention and how NeoLife has impacted so many people, both from a health standpoint and a business perspective. I have always thought if they can do it then why not me. The business is a work in progress but I am doing my best to get better at “running a business” and being an Entrepreneur 🙂

lisa_blackburn3What are you performance goals? How does NeoLife play a role in that journey?
I raced in a competition where I narrowly missed 4 Masters Records between 0.10 to 0.72 seconds. I know those records are definitely within reach so I am going to race again this year to beat them for sure! I am also pursuing some new sporting goals that I will share in soon once I have a race or two under my belt. I am really exited about continuing my journey with NeoLife as an athlete and businesswoman. I am grateful for all of the opportunities this amazing company and the NeoLife family have provided over the years and I look forward to sharing many more.

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Photo Credit: Lisa Blackburn Instagram – @swimminglisa